How to Prepare Your Home for a Quick Sale in Pittsburgh

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Real estate market trends in Pittsburgh suggest that it takes at least 90 days to sell a house. Although the market condition is favorable to the sellers in Pittsburgh, the home selling process is not quick and easy. Many homeowners in the city explore the best ways, like cash home buyers in Pittsburgh, to sell their houses quickly.  

If you want to get top dollar for your property, it must create a positive impression on the buyer. How should you prepare your home to make the best impression? Read through the following guide to know how you can prepare your house for a quick sale.

Increase the Curb Appeal

The first impression determines most of the home sale. As the buyer enters the walkway, it should be inviting with pleasant features. Paint your front door, plant a tree, add flower boxes, mow your lawn, light up your exterior, and upgrade your mailbox.

If you can’t do these on your own, you can also hire staging professionals who can highlight the house’s best features.

Declutter Your Home

Personal items and huge furniture can fill up the entire house and make it look small. Decluttering is a crucial step when you prepare your home for sale. Reduce the size of your wardrobe and store only the most necessary items. Remove furniture that occupies more space and, if possible, replace the furniture with simple and elegant pieces. Get rid of unused goods such as foods, medications, and beauty products.

Show Natural Light

Fill your home with enough natural light. Open the windows and curtains to let sunlight come in to make the house bright and beautiful. If you have a room where there is not much natural light, make sure to keep it well-lit with enough lamps.

Pay Attention to Small Repairs

Minor flaws create an assumption that they will be an additional expense to the buyer. Fix any leaky faucets, creaking wooden doors, run-down toilets, and loose knobs. Let the prospective buyer feel that the home is move-in ready.

Keep Pets Away

Not every buyer wants to have pets around, and some prospective buyers may not like cats or dogs or may have allergies. If possible, take your pets away during shows.  


Preparing your home requires a lot of work. People who go through a financial or personal emergency may not have the ability or time to get the house ready. If you want to avoid the tedious house preparation process, consider selling your house to Pittsburgh Sell House Fast, the best cash home buyer in Pittsburgh. We buy houses in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas for the best prices in less than seven days.

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